Team Alliance cares about it's customers

Alliance strives to be the best in the industry, and shares this success with the customer.

The goal is to service customers completely and professionally. After all, it’s all about PERFORMANCE. Add a passion to satisfy and you get great success. The approach is simple: communicate, do things correctly, be professional, open and honest and provide the Customer what they want, at a competitive price. Of course, the list of ingredients to deliver the end result is quite long, but Alliance has developed “THE ALLIANCE WAY”, an approach that delivers consistent service. You are invited to experience the Alliance operation first hand; after all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Located within minutes of Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport, please accept an open invitation to visit. The entire staff welcomes all customers, suppliers and local agents.

Dedicated & Experienced Staff

The greatest asset is the experienced and knowledgeable staff.

The multi-ethnic team includes seafarers, engineers, professional buyers, food service personnel, warehousing & distribution specialists, all supported by leadership & administrative personnel to get the job done, and done well. On average employees enjoy more than ten years with the company, which is a true testament in the current era. To retain valued employees there is a never-ending effort to assure employees are treated with respect and that their working environment fosters professionalism, continued learning and once in a while, a bit of fun!

Exceptional Facilities

Infrastructure among the best in the industry.

Maintaining one of the finest facilities in the industry, each distribution facility is fully equipped with temperature controlled and general storage areas. Perishables are unloaded directly into a refrigerated apron assuring effective cold chain management. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) relies upon bar-coding technologies and assists with the daily preparation of customer orders. Scheduling is managed by the system based departures board which prioritizes daily events. Facilities are equipped with a fleet of narrow aisle lift trucks and pickers complemented by the use of gravity feed, selective and push back rack. Gravity feed rack improves product rotation, particularly for date sensitive products. Alliance facilities complement efforts to deliver consistent, top performing service.

Reputation as an Industry Leader

Timely Response, Competitive Pricing, Ethical Integrity and Accuracy.

Great efforts are taken to deliver attentive and personalized service, providing the “hands-on” attention that is so often overlooked in today’s business world. The reputation as an Industry Leader is built upon service consistency and a relentless focus on getting things done. The extensive experience of our staff, combined with an emphasis on strategic and cost effective purchasing allows Alliance to place substantial resources at the disposal of the customer. At Alliance, the Customer ALWAYS comes first.

Technology at Alliance is a competitive advantage

It's all about continuous improvement and effective control.

Software continues to be designed and developed in-house. Although costly, this a considered to be a competitive advantage. The operational ERP software is an invaluable tool providing a structured foundation to support the business model. Over the years, Alliance has expanded the core systems to include customer linkage and reporting, supplier e-commerce applications, bar coding, scheduling, WMS, performance metrics, demand forecasting, document management and financial controls. Alliance is integrated with ShipServ and several other electronic portals. Alliance was in fact the recipient of the Shipserv Tradenet Award, presented to the International Marine Supplier identified as using technology most effectively to increase efficiency in the trading process and improve customer service. Runners-up included MAN/B&W, Wartsila and others. Receipt of this prestigious award is evidence of the ongoing commitment to technology.

Packaging & Product Identification

Integrity of product is critical.

Each carton includes a bar-coded label with pertinent customer information to ease customer product receipt. The delivery receipt format assists in locating products while matching the physical goods to the delivery paperwork. Pallets utilized are of high commercial quality to assure pallets can be lifted safely by crane, after all, safety standards are critical. Pallets are wrapped and capped to assure product integrity and provide protection during inclement weather and delivery by launch or supply boat. All pallets display specific customer identification and stowage department information to minimize missing product. Further, temperature controlled pallets are properly identified for proper on-board storage, i.e. dry, refrigerated or frozen. This attention to detail assures each department receives what they ordered. When product is reported as missing, it often ends up that it was simply incorrectly stowed onboard. Conspicuous labels are used to communicate the use of dry ice to prevent confined space incidents.

On Time Deliveries

Refrigerated Fleet with GPS Tracking is critical for dependable delivery.

Alliance operates an extensive truck fleet to support business needs. All trailers & box trucks are refrigerated and equipped with lift gates and satellite tracking to support fleet management and timely deliveries. The fleet is renewed at defined intervals to assure vehicle dependability and deliver environmental stewardship. Drivers undergo extensive testing and receive ongoing training throughout their employ. This includes detailed background checks, routine and random drug tests, semi-annual driver abstract record reviews and continuous job specific training. Alliance drivers represent the Company at the time of delivery and are TOP NOTCH, after all, they have personal contact with our valued clients.


Company Officers

Bruce Margolin
Santino Carruba
Salim Shaikh