Storage, Distribution and Logistic Solutions are available. Our facility and manpower can become an extension of your operation without the need for you to invest in storage facilities. Experienced in import clearance, receipt, storage, domestic and export logistics and owner’s material tracking, staff personnel are trained and certified to handle over the road, ocean, air and hazardous shipments.

Purchasing Consultation

Consultation is available for various facets of supply chain operations. Alliance is a Procurement Services firm led by an extremely talented team. We have one goal in mind – helping our clients achieve procurement excellence. With our range of expertise in Procurement Transformation, Sourcing, Contract and Supplier Management, Procure-to-Pay, Invoicing, Cash Management and Financial reporting, we bring a 360-degree view into each engagement. Contact Alliance for further information.

Outsourced Purchasing Services and Buy House Agreements

We refer to outsourcing as “Co-sourcing‘, a creative collaboration and truly cooperative approach, uniting customer and supplier core competencies to achieve optimum results. Alliance has the ability to become an extension of the ship owner or Manager by satisfying the roll of purchasing department. Simply put, marine purchasing specialists are hard to find and this is our core competency. Outsourcing your purchasing requirements directly to us frees our clients to concentrate on their core competency. The arrangement is totally customized to meet the individual needs of our clients and typically structured on a fee based schedule. Creativity and transparency is required to maximize this arrangement. Successful co-sourcing is achieved through a strategic network structured upon global resources, sourcing, purchasing, IT, distribution & supply partnering. By unifying the capabilities of the company with those of its customers, we feel that the whole can be made greater than the sum of its parts. Transparency is the key to this success.

Specialty Products

Euramco Safety Worldwide

Manufactures of RAMFAN Portable Ventilators Portable Ventilation Solutions for a safe workplace.

Fire and Rescue | Industrial Workplace | Confined / Hazardous Space | Marine | Military  |  www.EuramcoSafety.com

Katradis Ropes

The Katradis Group of companies originated from a ship supply company specializing in the production of high quality ropes, which was established by Konstantinos Katradis in 1936 and has since become a pioneer in the field of manufacture. In recent years, under the guidance and expertise of the current managing director Nikolaos Katradis, the Group has enjoyed vast expansion in terms of products, service, technology and clientele due to the unrivalled quality of its commodities.  Today, under the direction of Nikolaos’s son Konstantinos, the Group is undoubtedly prominent in the field of ropes and excels as the manufacturer of wire ropes.

The Group provides services as manufacturers, stockists, importers, exporters, distributors and dealers and they each serve the marine and industrial sector in an efficient and cost-effective manner, with the support of the extensive global network of affiliated establishments, suppliers and representatives, who are favorably positioned at all major ports thereby guaranteeing immediate service.



  • MARICHEM MARIGASES Worldwide Services has been manufacturing and providing quality marine chemicals, coatings, chemical equipment, gases and refrigerants, welding machinery, accessories and equipment, and fire-rescue and safety services to the shipping and other industries for almost half a century. The wide range of products are available at more than 2,100 ports, supplied by a distribution network of 196 stock points, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. MARICHEM MARIGASES Worldwide Services is totally committed to meeting the ever-growing needs of the maritime industry and especially the international fleet. Whether it is meeting the constantly rising expectations in quality, efficiency and flexibility or satisfying the demands placed by environmental legislation and strict seaworthiness, the group is up to the challenge. The investment in Research and Development for new products as well as the continuous expansion of a solid worldwide network gives Marichem the ability to satisfy customers’ requirements better than the competitors with the combination of high product quality and service at low cost.


Thistlebond/Unique Polymers

Unique Polymer Systems is based in Herefordshire, England, and supply a range of high performance and industrial quality polymers and epoxy resins. They pride themselves on their level of support.

A repair is usually considerably cheaper than replacement. Using UPS polymers can give equipment a new lease of life, frequently upgrading equipment performance and helping meet the demands and specifications that are required. Unique Polymer Systems operates as an international company and can supply in most countries thru distributors and agents in strategic locations around the world.